Paul attended the Christian Medical & Dental Associations’ (CMDA) continuing education conference in Thailand, in 2007. Some attendees requested that future programs include presentations on management and governance. Paul volunteered to provide this and was invited to return to Thailand in 2009 and Kenya in 2010 as a speaker. Both years, he presented workshops on Strategic Planning, and gave lectures on Governance & Management, and Communications & Development. These were well received and resulted in several consultations.

Subsequently, Paul was asked to serve on the commission that organizes these continuing education conferences. He continues to teach at the annual conferences, thus helping North American physicians and nurses who serve in faith-based hospitals to stay current and maintain their licenses.

In 2008, Paul and his wife Rebecca joined Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH), a networking organization involving approximately 160 organizations active in providing health care and related services to developing countries.

Paul interacts with the leaders of faith-based medical activities world-wide to assist them in identifying and addressing governance and management issues. He assists with strategic planning and the development of action plans. He would be pleased to discuss your situation with you to determine if he can offer assistance.