Medical activities are difficult to manage for a variety of reasons. Gaining the expertise to diagnose and treat diseased or injured patients is not the whole story. It is now understood that well organized systems of health care substantially improve the quality and safety of patient services. Unfortunately, few medical professionals receive instruction in leadership and management. As a result, many health care activities are troubled with operational problems that could be resolved through better leadership and management practices.

Based upon lessons learned in his long experience, Dr. Paul Armerding provides training in leadership and management to senior personnel working in health care activities world-wide. In particular, Paul’s classroom instruction is balanced by group and one-on-one sessions in which students are coached to help them put into practice the principles and techniques they are learning.

Since launching Medical Compass, Paul has consulted on-site at hospitals and clinics in Liberia, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia and Northern Macedonia. He has also taught in Kenya, Thailand, Mongolia and Greece. In each case, instruction and services have been adapted to the needs of the institution or the audience. Is your hospital or clinic struggling with leadership and/or management issues? Contact Paul to discuss your situation and organizational needs. He will be pleased to provide proposals for Medical Compass to assist you.